About The Artist

I was born in the city of Kishinev known as “The Sun City”. Raised in the creative atmosphere of my family. My Father’s workshop was my second home where I took private lessons in drawing, painting, modelling and collage. Thanks to my father whom was an artist. I was lucky to enter into the magical world of colours. I was allowed to smear paint from tubes onto canvas and it gave me amazing pleasure and fun.


At the age 12, I asked my parents to allow me to paint the walls of my room. After a few days of titanic workmanship, my room turned into a cloudy sky at sunset! A few days later, I wanted to improve my magical scene and I finished it at the middle of the wall where there was a half-open door through which I could enter in another world, into another reality, in a word, travel. It was my little magic door and it was real!


​Being able to create the worlds’ that fascinated and fulfilled me made me determined for the choice of this beloved profession of “The Artist”.

I enrolled in art school and graduated from The Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry and since then my life has been a great creative experiment and a constant search for new forms of expression and discovery of myself, working in theatre and film. I was proprietor of a workshop of artistic design, costume design, paintings and puppets. 


Knowledge of myself and my soul has deepened in the last 15 years during which I have studied the psychology and inner world of man. Took courses in transpersonal psychology, art therapy, attended seminars and workshops for the practices and development of inner energy and the development of personality.


What I Do Now


Develop myself and share my expertise and experiences with others.

Through a combination of psychological, physical and energising techniques associated with breathing and using the body and the mind I learned how to activate certain abilities of quality and strength. An integral part of my improvement was CREATIVITY and CREATION. These have been the main guides in all the transitional periods in my life. During crisis situations I was always saved by having a creative attitude to the experience and seeing the experience as a game!


Art therapy is what most closely resonates with my worldview. "The creative aspects of life resonates with the creativity that can be put on canvas"


I'm ready to be Your guide in mastering these techniques, methods and practices that help after setbacks. You can easily and quickly recover strength and emotional states even after psychological traumas and feelings loss and detachment. I am happy to show you how to develop a creative attitude to life and how to rejuvenate the body and psyche.

Alla Tikhonova